Welcome to the web site of Tangier and Rappahannock Cruises. We specialize in cruises to Tangier Island on the Chesapeake Bay, cruises on the Rappahannock River to Ingleside Winery and the other on a vintage Paddle Wheel boat that starts out in Richmond, VA. Either cruise the Chesapeake Bay to Tangier Island or explore the Rappahannock River, just let us make your day enjoyable.

Rappahannock River Cruise

Tappahannock, Va

Relaxing cruise

Spend the day out on the Rappahannock River with a stop to Ingleside Winery, one of Virginia’s oldest and largest vineyards. Have a catered lunch in the shaded courtyard. See spectacular views of wildlife and natural scenery.
Rappahannock River Cruises

Richmond Riverboat Cruises

Richmond, Va

See downtown Richmond from water

Depart from Richmond, Va on either lunch or dinner cruises. See downtown Richmond from the James River. Once the weekend hits, unwind with a dinner & dance cruises with live entertainment and fully stocked bar.
Riverboat Cruises

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User Reviews

We had a great time! It’s like stepping back to simpler times on Tangier Island.
Ashley W.
Being out on the water is so relaxing. Tangier Island is perfect destination, to get away from it all.
I’ve been to Tangier, on my own boat. Traveling on the Breeze is not only cheaper; it’s the only way I’ll visit again.
Tom W.
We booked the Chesapeake Breeze for our wedding party. The water, and the beautiful sunset was a perfect ending to a romantic day. Thanks a lot.
Every summer, we have our family reunion aboard the Chesapeake Breeze. It’s a great way to entertain your family and friends for a day. Visiting Tangier Island was a added bonus!
Every summer, my family and I spend a weekend on Tangier. It is the perfect place to wind down. Once you go there, you’ll want to stay.
We go every year, and the cruise gets better every time. Good way to spend a day.
Loved the eagles! We got so close to the birds! So much to see along the shoreline.