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Tangier Island

Tangier_harborTangier Island is a remote Island in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay. It is in Virginia waters and is part of Accomack county.

In the most recent census just over 500 people called Tangier home. They have their own government, town hall and school system kindergarten through 12 grade. The Island can even generate it’s own electricity, but still keeps its underwater cable for backup.

The main source of living on Tangier is the water. The Chesapeake Bay plays a role in everyone’s life and everything they do. The men fish the waters for the daily limit of crabs, while the women prepare the catches for the tourist season in one of the restaurants. One of the biggest catches is the Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab. Once the crabs are caught the Tangier men carefully monitor the crabs molting stages. Once the blue crabs have molted their shells they are now known as ‘soft crab’.

soft-crabsThese Chesapeake Bay treat are a must-have to any visitor of Tangier Island. Every restaurant on the Island specializes in ‘soft crabs’. Speaking on food they are several different places to eat that offer everything from fresh seafood to a simple burger.

Once you have found lunch, then it’s time to explore, visit one of the gift shops and pick-up local nick-knacks or souvenirs. Don’t miss out on the Tangier Island History Museum, they have special exhibits every month and a short video about the history of the Island. You can even take guided history tours of Tangier on a golf cart. These trips will take you over the whole Island giving you a brief history and layout of the Island. They will even drop you off to a shop or restaurant of your choice.

Tangier Island Amenities


Tangier Island Blue Crab
Either crab cakes or a soft shelled crab sandwich, Tangier Island has some of the freshest seafood from the Chesapeake Bay.


Tangier Island Harbor
Spend a night or the whole weekend away from the city. Enjoy the peace and quiet of Tangier Island nights and your time away from home.


You can spend the day exploring Tangier on your own or take a guided tour. Either way you must visit the Tangier Island History Museum a see the rich history of this Chesapeake Bay Island or browse the gift shops for your favorite memorabilia

  • Tangier Taxi’s
  • Tangier History Museum
  • Eco Tours
  • Sandy’s Gift Shop
  • Wanda’s Gift Shop
  • Four Brother’s Golf Cart Rentals

Visit Tangier Island Homepage.