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Chesapeake Breeze

Breeze-sideThe Chesapeake Breeze was built in 1981 in Crown Point, La. by Breaux Brothers. She was originally built to run people and supplies to the oil rigs off the coast of Louisiana, Powered by 3 12V71 series Detroit Diesels and at just under 100 feet long. The Chesapeake Breeze has a top speed of just under 20knots.

Chesapeake-BreezeTangier & Rappahannock Rivers cruises bought the boat in 1987 to takeover the first boat the Capt. Thomas to make the run across the Chesapeake Bay. We added a top deck, bathrooms and snack bar. The Chesapeake Breeze can now handle up to 150 people. There are spectacular views from the top deck, and shelter from the environment in the main cabin. There is a full service snack bar with Coffee, Soft drinks and small snacks available under way.

With state of the art electronics in the pilot house you will be cruising in style and safety across the Chesapeake Bay. The Chesapeake Breeze is also avaiable for private events and charters. We often do special events on Friday and Saturday breeze-inside-cabinevening so be sure to call in advance to reserve your date.